15 August 2011

Found new interesting blog!'The thought.'

Sedang blogwalking.tiba2 terjumpa blog .Interesting blog.I just love how she make me think.Baru je post about myself yang tak sampai berapa minit mengumpat dah dibayar on the spot,I found an article yang berkaitan juga dengan karma atau pembalasan dari Allah.So enjoy girls.

Allah maha adil :)(http://foxymethoxyme.blogspot.com/2009/09/allah-maha-adil.html)

have you ever thought that whatever happen to you now is the reflection of what you did in the past? i am a believer of karma. what goes around comes around, what you give is what you get.

its so simple. let me give u an example (wow it rhymes) you start a relationship with someone. but at the same time you knew (both of you knew) there is one person crying and hurting over that relationship you guys made. i put it in the most easiest way. your boyfriend ask you to be his girlfriend, but at the same time your boyfriend had this unsettle issues with her ex-gf (if not because of your presence what else!) and there you go, buckets of tears accompanying your new relationship.

you see, the way you start a relationship pun dah salah. and you knew he's hurting someone to get u. then what make u so sure that he wont do the same thing to u? you maybe happy now. baby here baby there, feelings sparkle everywhere. come on it took him YEARS all together to hurt that other girl remember? u might say its not your fault (bullshit) but karma doesn't know all that. so if one day it comes, and knock u HARD don't start blaming god. OK :)

this apply to every aspect of life actually, not just relationship. but since I'm AGAINST all these people who don't have anything better to do than ruining others happiness, i hope one day u guys know what hurt is. it might take u days, months, years to realize but it will eventually come. karma is not as hard as medicine to understand. i dont think u even need a brain for that. so good luck everyone!

remember, GOD IS FAIR ;)
                                           Source:Raihan.The thoughts.


IrA said...

alaa..just realize she already stop blogging..sigh~~

Nisa Isha said...

alaa..baru nk blogwalking..

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