12 July 2011

Sudah rindu....

Kenapa baru balik tapi hati sudah rindu??wuuu..i miss hugging my adik montel, watching my lil brother berlagak dengan skill basikal fixie(i dont know how to spell that basikal name heheh), how ayah called mama with new nickname- mama gemuk which is soooo cute, and most of all how i love to be near to my mom,to feel her warm body,to hug her ( my mom malu2 everytime i hug her hihih), how she nag  every single minute, and how she laugh when i told her i want to get married hahaha-_-"

 Watched Mr Popper's penguin dengan dia orang.From left: Mama,Aiman,Me,Yasmin gemuk:p


P/s:Tak sabar nak balik lagi^.^

Family ties are precious threads
No matter where we roam.
They draw us close to those we love
And pull our hearts back home.


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