3 July 2011

hey i'm backkkk....

Last week was very hectic and I'm really exhausted.But Alhamdulillah i managed to sent my progress report which actually a kind of mini thesis with abstract,intro,discussion and bla..bla..bla..

Enough with that...hmmm..where should I start eh??hihi..ok2..Actually I waant to share with you my simple daily makeup regime..okayyyy...Ladies and gentlemen...please scroll downn..hihi...

   Okay..my un-make up face..sungguh pemalu.hihi..

Before putting on make up on your face, make sure you moisturize it well..for me..I use young green tea leaf emulsion from Nature Republic..

 ..and then I applied BB cream as make up base, from Dr G Gowoonsesang...this one you can purchase from SaSa. But make sure you didnt put it too much you dont want to end up looking like opera singer, dont you??*I rarely use it for day make up. The texture is good, but the color is a bit bright. If you have dark complexion, this BB cream is not recommended.

 ..can you see??this BB cream comes with SPF 30 for sun screen effect....woahh..
 ....Silky girl BB cream compact powder.Very cheap product, but yet the finishing is quite good...
 oohh I love this mascara...hypercurl wolume express from Maybelline..who needs fake eyelashes when you have this superb thing right??hihi
and introducing my bff..lip ice sheer color by mentholatum...:)

..and last but not least hihi...my glimmersticks eyeliner in blackest black by avon..AVON je??heyy!dont judge an eyeliner by it brand okay..This eyeliner has really neat finishing,really helps me a lot with my hobby-crying..didnt smudge a lot like most of the eyeliner in market..

So thats all bout my simple daily make up regime..

Finish make up??Lets camwhoring..Yahooooo!!!^.^

This is only the simple make up by me..will update soon..love yaa...

"I love the confidence that makeup gives me." - TYRA BANKS


hujanlebat said...

comel je kamu. eh eh. duk kolej serumpun ke?kolej berape?? sambung master ek?


IrA said...

haha saje menggedik ain...haah master tapi dah duk luar..kamu smbung master jugak ke dear??hihi

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