27 January 2012

Am I ready??

Lately I received a lot of wedding invitation..Bestfriends,labmates...Alhamdulillah I'm happy for them..But am I ready?I'm 24 this year and maybe another 2 or 3 years I will finally reach that step too.

Everytime I think about that, I feel nervous.I want to settle down with the man  I love,and most importantly the man that will love me too.More than I do.For me, in marriage what important is 1:Barakah and 2:Love.I'm not saying that money is not important.But you have to get things in perspective.In proportion.Love is the thing.Not status.Not money.Because as long as you love each other, you will try your best to please your partner.To make sure they live a comfortable life. But how confident I am to believe if that person is the one??

Marriage is a lifetime decision. For the past 6 years, I've been together with him, whom Insyaallah will be my future husband. I never betrayed him and will never as long as i'm with him. We both face ups and downs, we try sort out things in our life yet quarrels seems to be part of it.And thats make me afraid of commitment namely marriage. Still I love him and want to marry him( blushing) EHEM.Cough cough, straightened my shirt collar n lets get serious back.It's not that I don't want to get married but its the life after it I'm afraid of. I've seen so many couple that hardly talk to each other. I understand that. I'm not saying all, but sometimes guys tend to ignore when their wife get hurt or sulking.They just thought its not their problem and it will fade by time.But hurt, anger and resentment builds when you ignore the signs of problems in your relationship.Sounds like Doctor love right?

I just hope when the time comes, I will be ready so do my partner. I just hope marriage will lead us to a happy life in this world and in afterlife.May our marriage end up in Jannah and full of barakah.Seems like I'm getting married soon right?Nah..No money no talk.hihi^.^


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