30 October 2011

Learn to let go of the past..

 Dear diary....
Some words for myself..If you want to be happy,just learn to let go of the past. Dunno why I always cling to  past memories, to all the frustration, all my mistakes and wrong desicions I've made before..Can I graduate in time???Can I be happy like everyone else??Will I ever get hurt again???Will this and will that.....Im worried too much about the future.I tend to replay my past mistakes over and over again allowing the feeling of guilt,regret and shame fills my lung and shaping my present behaviour. Lately, I tend to be so emotional.Easily break down. Oh thats just not me but urghh...please Ira.Don't let the past ruin your future.You are strong and no one can change you!YES!!!!!!!!!!(overacting eh-_-").

P/s:Share my fav quote--->Right actions in the future are the best apologies for bad action in the past.

Went to my cousin's wedding last weekend.More pic will be update later;p


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