29 September 2011

Nightmare please go away:(


Its been a long time I didn't have that nightmare..Don't know why lately it keep haunting my dream..Oh please,I don't want to wake up and realize my eyes are swollen and my pillow wet with my tears.

My dream remind me of the madness and  loss and awfulness that quietly building up, behind my wall of keeping busy.Burst with tears  for no obvious reason, when Im eating, studying, and  as I was going to bed. I just couldn't stop crying. Dear Ms. nightmare,please go away..I heard everything,I read everything n I know everything.But I already forgive and forget so shhhuuh  please go away k???.... 

P/s: Actually the main thing is...I dont want this swollen eye!!!!Enough with my eyebag and now Im a walking panda that doing lab work... so please don't force me to cry in my dream hahahha..Aigoo u make me lost my mind laaa-_-" 


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